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Amendment – The Challenge Australia moves out of the 7:30 slot. Ghosts and FBI: Most Wanted out completely

Although the BVOD ratings for The Challenge Australia are hopeful, 10 has decided that its overnight numbers do not justify the tentpole 7:30 position. The show will be moved from 7:30pm and instead air a double episode at 8:30pm on Mondays.

Monday 28 November (and moving forward)

7:30 Bondi Rescue (repeat)

8:00 Bondi Rescue (repeat)

8:30 The Challenge Australia

9:30 The Challenge Australia

That means Ghosts and FBI: Most Wanted are out of the schedule.

The Tuesday 7:30 slot will be filled with a repeat of Ambulance Australia.

Thursday 1 December

7:30 Special – Jamie Oliver’s Cooking for Less

Thursday 8 December

7:30 Jamie’s One Pan Wonders (double episode) (ep 5 and 6)

Saturday 10 December

7:00 Jamie’s One Pan Wonders (ep 7)

This will leave 1 episode to air.

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