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Sunrise on Channel 7 has Jack Karlson reflecting on “Democracy Manifest”

Sunrise on Channel 7 – Sunrise spoke to infamous Australian Jack Karlson this morning about his iconic arrest that took place outside a Brisbane Chinese restaurant over 30 years ago, ahead of the release of a new film about the incident also featuring Seven’s Chief Reporter Chris Reason.

Jack Karlson’s viral run-in with police has since been watched by millions around the world, but many still don’t know his story.

So now, it’s being told in a film called ‘The Man who Ate A Chinese Succulent Meal’.

Karlson told Sunrise this morning the incident wasn’t planned:

“Nothing inspired it, it’s just that here I was being wrongly arrested so I put on a performance. I suppose you’d call it that,” he said. “I laugh all the time about anything… Get kicked in the guts, I’d still laugh.”

7NEWS Chief Reporter Chris Reason was the only television crew to capture the notorious arrest. Reason will be re-united today with Karlson, the arresting officer and the Chinese restaurant owner. The full story to air in 7NEWS tonight at 6.00pm.

Sunrise co-host Monique Wright, said:

“How brilliant is this. I was messaging Reaso this morning, he’s actually on a plane up to meet him today, they’re going out to lunch – Chinese of course. And he says: ‘I’ve been doing this job for more than three decades now. I’ve covered Mandela, Bosnia, Ukraine, 9/11. All anyone wants to talk to me about is bloody Mr Democracy Manifest’.”

Shirvo added:

“Enjoy that meal, Reaso.”

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