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With a looming Brexit vote wreaking havoc across the British political landscape, tensions are high for activist Matthew Collins (Stephen Graham) and his advocacy group Hope Not Hate, who fear a violent, racist campaign from the British far-right.

And when a number of Islamist-related terrorist attacks rip through the British public in 2017, right-wing extremist group, National Action sense an opportunity.

When MP Jo Cox (Bryony Corrigan) is murdered in the street by a right-wing fanatic, National Action decide this is the moment to avenge the ‘downfall of white society’ in Britain, and plan to escalate a terrifying situation into a full-blown race war.

Series One, Episode Three:

Mullen comes under suspicion within National Action, but he refuses the offer of a new life and a new identity on the witness protection program. He wants to walk away from everything, but without his evidence those planning the murder of Rosie Cooper MP may escape justice. Activist Matthew Collins is forced to take Mullen into his own home to keep him safe.

The Walk-In – New Episode – Thursday, 16 February at 9.20pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (5 Parts)

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