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Silk Road from Above on SBS – Silk Road from Above is an exhilarating aerial adventure along the world’s most renowned trade route, bringing alive not only the grandeur and expanse of the Silk Road but also its rich history and long-lasting legacy.

Stunning aerial footage provides a mesmerizing birds-eye view of the countries, cities, and landscapes that the trade route once traversed. From spectacular historic catacombs and places of worship carved into mountains to heavy-duty cargo trains and outsized engineering-feats, the drones reveal astonishing ancient and modern man-made marvels from an exciting new angle.

Be whisked away on an epic expedition from the Silk Road’s eastern terminus in China, the ancient capital city of Chang’an (now known as Xi’an), to the breath-taking shores of Italy’s Lake Como, passing through Central Asia, Turkey, and Europe along the way.

From the craftsmanship of handmade paper to the marvels of high-speed trains, this exhilarating and immersive series bridges the gap between the ancient and the present, unearthing the enduring historic thread that connects East to West.

Season One, Episode One:

On a journey from Xi’an, the birthplace of the Silk Road in China, to the bustling city of Lanzhou in the country’s northwest, discover the enduring legacy of iconic goods like silk and tea, witness the profound impact of imported ideas like Buddhism and experience cutting-edge innovations from electronic vehicles to heavy duty cargo trains that transport the trade route into the 21st century.

Silk Road from Above on SBS and SBS on Demand – Series Premiere/Friday, 2 February at 8.30pm (3 Parts)

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Silk Road from Above on SBS

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