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Safe Home on SBS – Thriller Safe Home follows Phoebe (Aisha Dee) a 20-something professional who leaves her job at a prominent law firm to work at the struggling Family Violence Legal Service (FVLS).

As interconnecting stories unfold, relationships are tested and the pressure mounts to save the centre. With so much at stake, Phoebe must navigate a path that isn’t always clear – and things aren’t always as they appear. Safe Home also stars Mabel Li, Thomas Cocquerel, Antonia Prebble, and Virginia Gay.

Series One, Episode Three:

Phoebe’s relationship with Julian develops, but she’s devastated to learn that the FVLS funding is going to be cut. We meet Cherry a mother of two who is struggling to navigate the confusing and complicated legal system with limited English language, Ry finds herself in another conflicted relationship and Diana has nowhere else to go but the streets.

Episode Four:

Rocked by the revelations that someone close to her is a victim of family violence, Phoebe rushes to court to support them. But when the IVO hearing doesn’t go as planned, things suddenly become dangerous for Phoebe and the staff at the Family Violence Legal Service. As Diana, Ry, and Cherry all intersect at the centre, a tragic murder changes the lives of Phoebe and her co-workers forever.

Safe Home – Final Double Episode – SBS Commission – Thursday, 18 May at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (4 Parts)

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Safe Home on SBS

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