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Reyka on SBS – In 1994 South Africa, a multiracial couple’s daughter is kidnapped. She escapes, and as an adult she becomes a detective.

Haunted by her past, the flawed but brilliant criminal profiler investigates a string of brutal murders committed by a serial killer amongst the sugarcane fields of KwaZulu-Natal. Reyka stars Kim Engelbrecht, Iain Glen and Anna-Mart van der Merwe.

Series One, Episode Two:

Reyka and the police investigate the six decomposed bodies found in the cane fields.

Hector’s theory is that it’s an inkabi (hitman) dump site, but Reyka is more convinced by a potential serial killer. After autopsy, the bodies are found to all be female with evidence of binding around the hands and ankles.

This leads the police to set in motion a raid on a worker hostel where a suspect, Macingwane, is discovered. Reyka stakes out Macingwane and follows him to a cane field where she catches him in an act of arson.

Reyka – New Series Premiere – Monday, 17 April at 10.55pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (8 parts)

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Reyka on SBS

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