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Juice on SBS Viceland – Jamma, a young cartoonish millennial man, is on a quest for attention – from anyone after being promoted at work. He navigates chaotic family dynamics, a career, and a literal stumble through love.

Written and starring Mawaan Rizwan, this surreal comedy joyride is partly based on his real-life. Known for its practical effects and mind-boggling visuals, Rizwan uses a childlike lens to explore the idea of adult themes. The show also stars Russell Tovey, Jeff Mirza, and Rizwan’s real-life mother and brother, Nabhaan and Shahnaz Rizwan.

Episode 1: Cake

In an attempt to impress his boss, Jamma sneakily uses his brother for a market research session at work, but his plan backfires. Meanwhile, mum’s fixation with divorcing dad shifts Jamma’s attention to saving their marriage.

Episode 2: Helluva View

Now that Jamma’s in a committed relationship, everyone starts to fancy him. But instead of focusing on his own issues, he ends up playing therapist to his mum and dad. At work he attempts to bond with Isaac to land the next big project.

Juice on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand – New Series Premiere / Saturday 13 April at 10.35pm

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Juice on SBS Viceland

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