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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9 and 9Now (29 Jan)

Married at First Sight on Channel 9 – We’re here everyone, we’re back, it’s happening! The very first episode of Married At First Sight Season 11 has dropped, and it’s got it all – romance, passion, hope… and a best man speech that almost derails an entire wedding.

Strap yourselves in, it’s game time.

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We’ve got our oldest ever participant, a same-sex couple and a familiar face taking part this season, so it’s time to dive in and meet everyone at the biggest bash of the year…

The Hens’ and Bucks’ Nights

It’s fair to say there are some big characters looking for love this year.

Take Richard. At 62 he’s MAFS’ most mature groom, and he’s unbothered by what his friends think about him joining the show to find love.

Married at First Sight Australia 2024: Episode 1 Hens and Bucks parties Richard Season 11
Richard is unbothered by what people think of him and frankly, we’re vibing it. (Nine)

There’s only one thing Richard doesn’t want to see when he looks down the aisle and that’s a look of “distain or disappointment… because I’m so f–king old!”

Richard is all smiles as he greets our batch of future grooms, including the very bubbly Tristan and pro kickboxer Jayden – and yes, that is Mitch Eynaud from MAFS Season 9’s brother. Small world!

Married at First Sight Australia 2024: Episode 1 Hens and Bucks parties Jayden Season 11
Jayden will knock you out but is also apparently a “love bug”. (Nine)

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Over at the Hens’ Night we meet the quirky Natalie, who explains she’s “quite different to a lot of girls.” But actually, Natalie is relatable and nervous and as she explains how she’s felt she isn’t good enough for love, we’re all immediately cheering for her.

She’s soon joined by Lucinda, a 43-year-old wedding celebrant who intriguingly describes herself as a “creatrix”. We don’t know what that is but we are keen to find out.

Married at First Sight Australia 2024: Episode 1 Hens and Bucks parties Lucinda Season 11
Lucinda is already proving to be one of a kind. (Nine)

Lucinda has pre-prepared a long list of what she’s looking for – and asks the other brides what their own ‘man-ifesto’ involves… and what their wedding mantra is.

Fellow bride Lauren doesn’t have a mantra per se… it’s more of an expression. “Nobody’s safe,” she announces, admitting she’s content to do what it takes in her pursuit for love. Nobody knows quite how to take this.

32-year-old Lauren is revealed as a bride in MAFS Australia 2024 Season 11
Lauren (right) declares “nobody’s safe” which seems an interesting way to make new friends. (Nine)

“Her groom had better be ready for her,” admits Andrea, a 51-year-old, who looks a little wary.

Andrea suggests they switch the subject matter from groom stealing to envisioning their future husbands, mentally adding Lauren’s name to her ‘watch list’.

She hasn’t made quite the same impression in return. Lauren struggles to recall her name at all, instead dubbing her “the older lady”. Ouch.

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One person who most definitely wouldn’t get that label is 34-year-old Michael. He has wanted a family since he was a teenager and is desperate to find love. He opted to attend the Hens’ night, announcing himself to the group as the “new bride”.

Married at First Sight Australia 2024: Episode 1 Hens and Bucks parties Michael Season 11
Michael is keen to find his perfect man. (Nine)

There’s precisely one non-heterosexual groom over at the Bucks’, so we’re fairly confident in guessing Michael’s future spouse is 39-year-old marketing manager, Simon.

“I’m trying not to have expectations,” he confesses.

When one groom quizzes Simon on what he’s after in a female, he smiles wryly at the word “she”.

The penny drops. The grooms learn Simon was married once before (to a woman). “I always had girlfriends,” he shares. “It just took me a while to realise what my true sexuality was.”

With a hefty dose of warm and fuzzies firmly in place, our experts arrive to rally the troops. (And KAPOW, they’re looking sensational!)

They confirm the days of bread crumbing, cat fishing, ghosting, love bombing and swiping are over… and the relief is palpable.

And with that, it’s time to kick into the weddings!

Sara and Tim’s Wedding

Our very first couple to tie the knot is Sara and Tim.

Sara is a 29-year-old fiery and motivated nutritionist from Sydney. She begins by confirming she always expects a man to pay for a date.

“I pay to get my hair done, I pay to get my brows done, I pay for medication, birth control…” she lists. “The least they can do is pay for dinner. Like, you owe me. Or I’m gonna bill you.”

Sara says she’s single because her ex cheated on her “multiple times, with multiple women.” She wants to find someone who would never do the same.

It seems 31-year-old Tim is everything Sara says she’s looking for. “Well-travelled, fit, charismatic” and a “pretty boy.”

Sara is fluent in Spanish and was raised in Colombia until she was five, and incredibly… it’s her future husband’s favourite place in the world (only she doesn’t know that yet.)

Tim has big dreams, which include setting up a school in Ethiopia. He has an adopted sister originally from there, and “it only makes sense,” he explains.

Growing up with his sister exposed Tim to different cultures, and he has the travel bug in a big way. He has lived overseas… including in Colombia. He can also speak Spanish.

Muy bien, this bodes well.

Tim’s last relationship also ended with him being cheated on.

He’s looking for a “twin flame” – an emotional connection, matched with similar energy. “There’s definitely got to be that spark,” Tim explains… and according to expert Mel Schillings, there will be more than that.

“This couple has the potential to be lightning in a bottle,” she states. “They are exactly what each other has asked for.”

But we have yet to meet the best man – aka the biggest of spanners in the works.

Sporting a fresh mullet, Ben has arrived with a wild best man speech in hand.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 MAFS 2024 Episode 1: Best man Ben
Ben – the “best” man. (Nine)

As their friends assemble, Sara’s friends admit she is extremely particular about what she wants… and they’re horrified when Ben arrives. Seeing their shock, he reassures them he isn’t the groom. Yikes.

They’re much happier when Tim walks down the aisle. “That was a better reaction than I got,” Ben quips.

The most important reaction, however, are the ones Sara and Tim have when they lay eyes on one another. It’s safe to say the flame for this spicy union has been ignited.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 MAFS 2024 Episode 1: Sara
Yep, she’s happy. (Nine)

And when Tim decides to drop a line in Spanish (which he’s also fluent in)… we are close to a raging inferno. Tim’s mind is soon blown when he realises his bride is from his favourite place in the world, Colombia.

From the exact same area, to be precise. (And Sara is even more stunned when she learns the producers didn’t ask Tim to speak Spanish – it was all his idea.)

The two trade emotional vows, with Sara shedding a few tears as she explains that she believes in true love.

The two are mind-blown by the end of their wedding, with Tim calling their match “perfect” and a stunned Sara admitting he’s everything she was looking for.

It’s all going perfectly… until it’s not.

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Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 MAFS 2024 Episode 1: Tim
Yep, he’s stoked. (Nine)

During dinner, Tim tells Sara he ended a six-year relationship several months earlier. He even admits, “I was going to propose to her this year”. URM, WHAT?

Tim then says four words we’re sure most people want to hear on their wedding day: “I need your help.”

This raises a million loud, alarm bells for Sara, who doesn’t want to “babysit” Tim to get over his ex. Tim protests that this isn’t the case, but she sees red.

Sara says she “wants to get out of her” and excuses herself. Fuming. Not ideal.

“That was a slap in the face,” she tells cameras. 

Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 MAFS 2024 Episode 1: Sara and Tristan
That face you make when you learn the ex-maths don’t add up: 6 years in, 6 months out. (Nine)

After a bit of time to breathe, they reunite.

But just when you thought things couldn’t get more dramatic, his best man delivers a very non-PG speech – and Sara is, again, horrified.

During one bizarre moment, the best man tells the crowd: “Tim had the idea to pack his own lunch at a four-day music festival in the middle of an Australian summer.

“On the very last day, we sat in awe as he devoured rancid four-day old chicken…”

The next line is so crude we can’t even write it.

We suggest you watch it in its complete, gobsmacking, inappropriate form below…

The ending of the speech was an absolute trainwreck, leaving Sara and her friends repulsed. One labels it “derogatory” and “disgusting”.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 MAFS 2024 Episode 1: Sara's friends react to best man speech
OK, wow. (Nine)

It’s also left Sara flooded with doubts, and her friends concur. “She’s going to eat him alive,” one says, shrewdly.

Cassandra and Tristan’s Wedding

Bubbly, resilient 29-year-old Cassandra loves her family and is desperate to recreate that for herself.

Despite her positive nature, Cassandra has dealt with a lot of tragedy. Her high school sweetheart was killed in a motorcycle accident. The pair had been together for eight years before the tragedy struck.

Cassandra says despite her intense heartbreak, she’s ready to fall in love again.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 MAFS 2024 Episode 1: Cassandra
It’s been a tough journey for Cassandra. (Nine)

Quirky, happy Tristan is looking for the exact same thing. Grappling with his own personal insecurities, he is also someone who values family and the experts are confident the two will make a beautiful match.

When they both separately admit they’d like enough kids to have their own football team, we are totally onboard.

Tristan is flooded with nerves ahead of the ceremony. Cassandra however, admits the day is bittersweet. Her Mum also passed away a few years earlier from cancer, and she wishes she was there for the special day.

“I know that she is definitely with me today,” Cassandra says, rallying herself. With her loving and proud dad by her side, she makes her way to the ceremony.

Tristan is already there, and makes the whole crowd laugh as he openly shares just how nervous he is. He provides a running commentary as he eagerly awaits Cassandra’s arrival.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 MAFS 2024 Episode 1: Cassandra and her father
The look on her dad’s face…. we’re melting. (Nine)

Finally, Tristan beams in delight when he spots a beautiful woman walking down the aisle. However, he quickly realises it’s actually Cassandra’s bridesmaid… which is a whole new level of awkward.

His reaction when he does finally spy his bride however, more than makes up for it.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 11 MAFS 2024 Episode 1: Tristan
Thrilled. (Nine)

“He’s handsome!” Cassandra marvels, adding she’s amazed at how tall her new husband is. Tristan can’t seem to wipe the smile off his face. “She didn’t run away!” he says happily.

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The two are adorably flirty and share a lot of laughs at their wedding photoshoot, but it’s when Tristan prioritises meeting her family that Cassandra realises he is a solid match for her.

“I just want [her Dad to understand] that I’m not going to break her heart,” he explains and that sound you can hear is Australia collectively swooning.

“He is bold, courageous, funny and I adore that,” Cassandra says. “I adore him.”

We then take a brief look at our couples on their Honeymoons – and while sparks are flying for Cassandra and Tristan, for Sara and Tim… things could be better.

During a discussion, Tim utters one word that makes Sara see red. She storms off, fuming, and he’s left not knowing what to do.

We hope these two can work it out, but we’ll see what happens…

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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9
Married at First Sight (image – Nine)

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