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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9 and 9Now (24 March)

Married at First Sight on Channel 9 – The Married At First Sight experiment is a marathon not a sprint, but at this point the finish line is well in sight because tonight is the final Commitment Ceremony. 

It’s certainly not a competition but let’s see which couples will be getting medals and which are about to fall short just of the finish line. 

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But before we do that, Tori reveals she is holding on to some information that threatens to blow up one couple’s relationship – and she says it’s “huge”.

Tori is feeling a little smug that for once the bombshell secret isn’t set to derail her own relationship.

MAFS 2024
Tori knows something we don’t. (Nine)

“Hearing this information, it was almost euphoric because it was like you guys have been coming so hard at us for so long and now, it turns out you’re sitting on your own little secret,” she sniggers.

“Oh how the tables have turned.”

Who exactly have the tables turned on? Well, let’s get stuck into this to find out…

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Eden and Jayden 

The experts barely have a second to breathe before Eden and Jayden unload all their pent up frustrations on them. 

The crux of the issue for Eden and Jayden? Jayden feels like Eden shuts him down every time he tries to have a conversation about one of their relationship issues. 

Eden says she doesn’t want to have those conversations because she feels like she gets trapped in arguments she can’t get out of. And according to Eden, the only ticket out of these debates is to “bow down and agree with [Jayden].” 

Even as Eden explains herself on the couch, Jayden says he simply doesn’t agree with her version of events. 

Expert John Aiken breaks it down for Jayden: “For you it’s like a match, you are right and the other people have got to be wrong.” 

“It’s not about winning or losing, [Eden] is your teammate not your opponent.” John reminds kickboxer Jayden to step out of the ring when it comes to his relationship. 

But it seems if you’re a fighter, you’re a fighter through and through and Jayden sets his sights on the experts. 

“Am I just going to be told that I’m wrong by you guys or am I going to actually be allowed to say how I feel?” Jayden snaps back at the experts. 

In a very mum-style move, Mel Schilling scolds Jayden for being “childish” and reminds him that this is “his moment” to either rise up or fall into the same patterns. 

MAFS 2024
The blue corner and the red corner. (Nine)

Jayden decides to put the boxing gloves down and lets the experts in to actually help him. 

John explains that being wrong in a relationship isn’t such a bad thing like Jayden thinks, it just means you’re learning from your mistakes. 

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It’s a bit of an a-ha moment for Jayden and it feels like a breakthrough for both him and Eden. 

They both decide to stay. It’s a huge win for the pair, even though we’ve learned now that winning isn’t the point. 

Jade and Ridge 

Jade reports that Ridge slotted right into her household and her daily routine. It sounds like good news to us so why is she crying? 

Jade worries that even though things are really good now, the long distance between them means that Ridge could easily change his mind. 

Plus it’s a big step for Ridge to move from living with his parents in Sydney to living with Jade and her daughter in the Gold Coast. As Mel Schilling puts it “that’s like 15 steps at once.” 

And Jade is feeling the gravity of the situation. “It’s scary, he could wake up one day and decide this isn’t for him,” she says through tears. 

But Ridge assures Jade that his mind is made up. 

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“If you understood half of how I felt about you, you’d understand that there’s no one that can come between us,” he says.

“I only see you babe.”

Jade is crying, Lauren is crying, we’re over here crying too. 

Who would’ve thought that the same man who invented “deece” could also say something so heartfelt. Ridge, you are full of surprises.  

MAFS 2024
Nothing is getting in between these two. (Nine)

And here comes another surprise. Ridge says Homestays had him just a few syllables away from dropping the L-bomb. 

With “love” just on the tips of their tongues, there is one word that Jade and Ridge can both manage to get out at the moment and that’s “stay”. 

Lucinda and Timothy 

The experts want an explanation. How have Lucinda and Timothy gone from kissing at the past Dinner Party to entering the most previous one separately? 

A long story short, Homestays was a catastrophe and it left Lucinda feeling “rejected”. 

Timothy knows he put his big old brick walls back up. “Feelings are Lucinda’s jam and the more that she dug into it, the more I retreated,” Timothy explains his side. 

The fact of it is, Lucinda has been patient with Timothy the entire experiment but feels she’s received only “a drizzling of gravy on the effort”. 

MAFS 2024
No bad blood here. (Nine)

Lucinda says Timothy is “a total spunk” and her favourite moments have been when Timothy has been vulnerable. Timothy returns the sentiment, applauding his wife for being “supportive, patient and positive”. 

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“I’ve pushed that positivity to its absolute limit,” Timothy laughs. 

But it’s true, the hope for Lucinda and Timothy has run out now and the couple say their goodbyes. 

Of course, Lucinda has written a poem for the occasion. You should definitely listen to it all in the video below: 

For Lucinda and Timothy “the time has come”. They’re through as romantic partners but never as friends with Timothy saying, “I know for a fact that we’ll always be in each other’s lives”. 

It’s not called Friends At First Sight, but just this once we don’t mind that it’s panned out that way. 

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Sara and Tim 

“What the hell is going on?” That’s the question John asks as a smiley, goofy, flirty Sara and Tim sit down on the lounge. 

Tim applauds Sara for “putting in the hard yards”. 

And for Sara, her feelings have changed. “I’m more playful with Tim and I always want to be around him now,” she grins. 

No this is not a Colgate ad, Sara and Tim are just really happy to be here. (Nine)

Tim concludes that he and Sara are well and truly on their way to putting the whole ‘meeting up with the ex’ scandal behind them. 

“You’re the comeback kids!” Timothy shouts out from the couch. 

They sure are! Sara and Tim are seeing it through to the end. 

Tori and Jack 

Expert Alessandra Rampolla hears for herself that Tori and Jack finally “consummated their marriage”. 

But we’ve heard enough about it by now and Alessandra turns her focus to a strong statement she made at the previous Dinner Party. 

No, not the one where she said she “could be falling in love with Jack”, the one where she said she “didn’t want to be friends with anyone in the group”. 

“I said that with a lot of gusto,” Tori admits. But she says it could’ve easily come out in tears rather than anger. The bottom line is she feels “isolated in the group”. 

“I just wish my judgement of Jack’s character could be trusted,” Tori says through tears. 

Alessandra calls upon Lauren to share her opinion. And she’s probably the last person who’d have a nice word to say about “Christmas ham” Jack. 

With an audience that includes the experts, Lauren chooses to be a little more careful with her words than she usually is and explains that she sees “no emotional reaction” from Tori. 

She also adds she finds it “weird” that Jack describes his feelings towards Tori as “wholesome”.

But everyone’s opinions aside, Jack declares he’s “met [his] match] in Tori while Tori says they’re “in the best place they’ve ever been in”. 

It’s a big smile from Tori as she and Jack flash cards that say “stay”. 

Even though Tori’s time on the couch is done, her big moment is still to come. 

“I need to bring up something when Lauren and Jono sit on the couch,” Tori whispers to Jack as they return to the group. 

Could this have something to do with that nugget of information from earlier on? Our hunch says yes. 

Lauren and Jonathan 

Lauren and Jonathan are in the midst of recapping just how “amazing” their Homestays visit was.  

They explain that they reconnected intimately and Jonathan says “it was a turning point in [their relationship]”.

Lauren is a giddy, giggling mess but Tori murmurs under her breath that the pair of them are making her “want to spew”. 

MAFS 2024
Tori trying her best to keep that spew inside. (Nine)

It’s at this point – before any projectile vomiting – that Tori comes forward with the information she’s been sitting on. 

“I’ve been made privy to some information that you, Jono, have been texting Ellie,” Tori comes clean. 

It’s certainly news to Lauren whose mouth is hanging in shock. “Are you serious?” Lauren says. 

Jono admits he is texting Ellie but says “there’s absolutely nothing there”. They text every three or four days just to talk about what’s been happening in the experiment. 

The general consensus from the group is that it’s “suss”, “weird” and “too much” for Jono and Ellie to be talking that much.

Lauren also finds it “a little bit strange” and thinks that Ellie must be “keen” on Jono to specifically reach out to him. 

Jono reiterates that Ellie is “not [his] type” and he keeps in contact with many ex-participants, Tristan, Michael and Stephen included.  

This is going to be a hard one to come back from. (Nine)

But it’s a major trigger point for Lauren who has been in this position many times before in past relationships. Having been cheated on in the past, Lauren feels “traumatised” and bursts into tears.

“What the actual f–k. I feel betrayed. I feel hurt and lied to!” 

An apologetic Jonathan reveals he is staying, as does Lauren but it comes with a big disclaimer that she made her decision before she knew of this texting scandal. 

“I really need to get to the bottom of this before I decide what to do because I really don’t trust Jono,” Lauren sighs.

Well this hurdle couldn’t have come at a worse time. Lauren and Jonathan just have one week to fix this before Final Vows. 

Will there be enough time for them to turn it around or is it too late? 

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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9
Married at First Sight (image – Nine)

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