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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9 and 9Now (20 Feb)

Married at First Sight on Channel 9 – The table is set, the silverware has been polished and we are ready to attend our final Married At First Sight wedding of 2024! 

While the newlyweds still have their entire MAFS journey ahead of them, our most recently married couples Madeleine and Ash and Michael and Stephen are enjoying their honeymoons – or are at least trying to. 

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The honeymoons throw some curve balls that are to be expected and some that not even psychic bride Madeleine could have predicted. 

But let’s get too ahead of ourselves…

Jade and Ridge’s Wedding

Confident-borderline-cocky groom Ridge is celebrating his wedding morning by cracking open some beers with the bros. 

The 27-year-old is  hoping to put an end to his bachelor lifestyle and his top priority is that his wife is hot.  “I need to be attracted to her, I’m not going to get hard over her personality,” Ridge quips.

But despite his frat-boy persona, Ridge wants nothing more than to have a relationship like his parents and start a beautiful family. 

“I can’t wait to be a dad,” he says. 

And perhaps Ridge won’t have to wait as long as he thinks because his bride is single-mum Jade

The 26-year-old has had her heart broken many times before. She admits it’s hard to let people in after her daughter’s father cheated on her just a month after her arrival.

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Jade is looking for a strong character, so is Ridge ready to be the man for her?  

We don’t want to judge Ridge too early but the fact that he and his mates have a secret language is leading us to believe he still has a bit of growing up to do. 

Let us explain. Ridge and his groomsmen Chris and Jordan have a communication style of their own. We’re not talking about morse code or even Pig Latin, but rather they have an affinity for shortening words that don’t need to be. 

Here’s one word you’re going to have to get used to: “Dece”.

“Dece means decent, which is like… very good looking in our terminology,” groomsmen Chris explains. And I think we all just lost 20 IQ points. 

When Ridge lays his eyes upon Jade it’s a massive “DEEECCEEE” from the groom. 

He decides to go a step further and mid-vows calls upon his mates to chant the word like they’re fans at a football match. 

Jade is still undecided if Ridge is just goofy or immature but the ultimate test of that will be how Ridge reacts when Jade tells him she’s a mother. 

“This is a really hard one, I have a daughter,” Jade begins.

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Despite all the obvious immaturities Ridge’s response blows Jade (and us for that matter) away. 

“I can’t wait to meet her,” Ridge beams. 

He follows up by explaining that his mum was in the same position as Jade and was a single mum with a daughter when she met Ridge’s dad. Ridge has seen first-hand how beautiful blended families can be and he reassures Jade that could be a very real possibility for them. 

“Her having a daughter doesn’t phase me one bit, I came here to find something that’s going to last a lifetime,” Ridge declares.

“I’m very adaptable and very able and willing to work together.” 

It’s a very reassuring response for Jade whose doubts completely dissipate. “He could potentially be the one,” she beams.

There’s just one word to describe Jade and Ridge’s fairytale wedding – c’mon everyone, give us a DECEEEEEE! 

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Cassandra and Tristan 

From a couple that’s on top of the world, to one that’s feeling crushed under it.

Cassandra and Tristan are on struggle street after having an argument while attending Madeleine and Ash’s wedding

“We got home, didn’t speak to each other and went to bed,” Cassandra says. 

There seems to be a major gap between the couple, because while Tristan thinks their issues are stemming from the planning of dates, Cassandra believes it’s about the lack of intimacy between the two. 

Feeling like they’re both banging their heads against a brick wall, expert John Aiken arrives on their doorstep like a magical genie. 

OK not really, John doesn’t have a sixth sense, Cassandra actually called him but the point is, he’s here.

So what’s the fix for Cassandra and Tristan? Expert John tells Tristan he’ll be less nervous about intimacy if he and Cassandra consistently do small activities together to increase their closeness. 

It’s something Tristan is definitely keen to do, and Cassandra is relieved that Tristan’s desire for intimacy is there; he’s just struggling with how to approach it. 

“I feel so much better I feel like he finally understands what I’m talking about,” Cassandra grins.

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Jade and Ridge’s Honeymoon  

Someone who is not understanding their partner is Jade. 

She is spending much of her honeymoon trying to translate what Ridge is actually saying. 

But one word she does know the meaning of is “bang” because as she confirms the pair have managed to seal the deal. 

It seems this is one of those cases where actions really do speak louder than words. 

Michael and Stephen’s Honeymoon 

Stephen has woken up the night after his wedding a bit restless. He spent the night tossing and turning about being Michael’s replacement groom. 

But Michael is doing his best to help Stephen see things from his perspective and that’s that everything happens for a reason. 

“We are so compatible and the universe works in mysterious ways,” Michael highlights all the positives.  

And Stephen eventually comes around and he admits that it’s just his “first instinct to shut off and feel guarded”. 

The pair are loosening up a bit and drink to their progress. 

Madeleine and Ash’s Honeymoon 

Ash is keen to get to know Madeleine’s big personality. 

“Although she’s up and down, it seems that Madeleine is coming from a place of kindness and goodness,” Ash says of his new bride. 

But Madeleine’s next gush of emotion throws Ash for a curve ball. 

As the pair go for a romantic stroll through a nearby cow paddock, Madeleine is overcome with a wave of guilt. 

“We had cows for dinner last night, and now I regret that,” she sobs. 

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Upon seeing the happy cattle, Madeleine swears to never eat any animals again. 

She tries her best to hold back tears but it’s all just too much for her. 

“I’m going to cry. Oh no don’t,” she fights with herself before breaking down. 

“Just seeing the cow cows was like seeing my dog and I wouldn’t dare eat him so I won’t dare eat these beautiful creatures again,” Madeleine declares. 

MAFS 2024
Madeleine is inconsolable over the cows. (Nine)

The whole saga leaves Ash very “confused”. “I don’t know how you can go from eating meat one night to crying the next day but she seemed pretty upset about it.” 

“It’s quite hard to make sense of some of these things.”

And later that night Ash has an even harder time making sense of things when Madeleine gets a psychic download at dinner. 

“Did you go to a deb ball?” she asks while Ash is mid-bite. 

Ash, like tens of thousands of highschoolers, did in fact go to a debutante ball in his younger years. 

Despite Madeleine’s premonitions that Ash got into an altercation at this debutante ball, Ash swears that nothing of the sort happened. 

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As Ash tries to answer some of Madeleine’s questions she stops him to divert her attention to the voices that she hears. 

Madeleine explains that the voices are always talking, they want to talk to Ash and they are protecting him. 

MAFS 2024
Madeleine takes a dinner intermission to communicate with her guides. (Nine)

It’s clear that Madeleine doesn’t want this download to interrupt her dinner with Ash. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to scare you,” she apologises to Ash. 

“I’m a f–king weirdo, I am, it’s annoying.”

While Ash reassures Madeleine it’s all OK he is a bit rattled by it all.  

“I probably shouldn’t be laughing about it but to me it’s so crazy that’s the only reaction I have,” Ash later admits.

“What the f–k?” he mouths to cameras. 

MAFS 2024
What actually just happened? (Nine)

Ash needs a bit of a breather, but it seems he won’t get a minute to catch his breath because tomorrow night he will attend his very first Dinner Party. 

While the other brides and grooms should give him a warm welcome, the niceties won’t last for long because one “shocking comment” that everyone wants to address. 

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Recap | Married at First Sight on Channel 9
Married at First Sight (image – Nine)

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