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Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7 (7 May)

Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7 – Love is in the pair. Farmers choose their final two ladies.

The farmers chose their final two ladies after a string of romantic 24-hour dates paved the way for heartbreak in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Farmer David’s date with Lorelei left him “feeling really positive” about their relationship after Lorelei assured him that she was serious about moving to the farm.

Farmer Brenton and Sophie’s relationship crashed back to Earth when she expressed her desire to travel abroad for extended periods. A concerned Brenton said: “The farm obviously can’t run itself. So can’t I go away for long periods of time. Sophie’s thrown a spanner in the works. I’ve got no idea what to think. I’m just worried whether this farm’s enough for her.”

Farmer Brad and Clare’s date hit a rocky patch when Brad suggested a long-distance relationship for six months, something Clare wasn’t happy with. “I can see why Brad would wanna wait for me to move here because he wants it to be right and I do as well, but six months? I’m not doing six months,” she said.

Olivia contemplated leaving after hearing about Farmer Matt and Annabelle’s romantic escapades: “They’ve had a couple of dates and they have a very like flirty connection. It does make me feel like a little bit concerned.”

At the last farewell dinner, the farmers selected their final two ladies:

Farmer Brad: Clare and Morgan

Farmer Brenton: Rachel and Sophie

Farmer David: Emily and Lorelei

Farmer Matt: Annabelle and Olivia

Tuesday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The farmers and ladies savour their final moments together before heading into the city for one last celebration.

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7.30pm Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7

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