Céline Sallette as Anna Zarathi in Infiniti
Céline Sallette as Anna Zarathi in Infiniti (image - SBS)

New miniseries Infiniti combines political intrigue, romance, and mystery in an unmissable sci-fi thriller on SBS On Demand

The International Space Station (the ISS) has gone silent.

There’s an explosion and the crew are in distress. Simultaneously, decapitated and waxed bodies mysteriously start appearing in the Kazak desert. Positive identification leaves no room for doubt: these are the bodies of astronauts who are currently on a mission on the ISS. But are they still alive and sending signals to contact earth? Do two realities exist? Is there a political conspiracy afoot? Is there an international cover up?

This mysterious paradox reveals more questions than answers in the electrifying new six-part miniseries Infiniti, available to stream free on Thursday 17 November on SBS On Demand.

In the deep silence of outer space, a complex docking manoeuvre at the ISS has gone dangerously wrong. Communications have been cut off, there is no word from US Captain Anthony Kurz (Lex Shrapnel), and his crew. Durkhov (Vlad Ivanov), head of operations at the Baikonur Cosmodrome is horrified: the crew seems destined to perish.

French astronaut, Anna Zarathi (Celine Sallette), who began a passionate affair with Kurz six months before, is convinced he’s still alive and calling out to her for help from the ISS. 

Isaak Turgun (Daniyar Alshinov), a Kazakh cop, discovers a wax-covered, decapitated body not far from Baikonur. He had investigated a similar case before, but given it up under pressure from his boss, Fef. This time, he decides to go it alone.

Tension mounts at mission control as a satellite approaches the ISS. Can Kurz be dead on earth and alive in space?

Infiniti features dialogue in English, French, and Russian.

Infiniti is available to stream free from Thursday 17 November on SBS On Demand.

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