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My Way on Channel 9 – Signalling the start of school holiday relaxation, My Way goes whale watching, explores the wonders of one of Queensland’s most famous islands, and salutes our war heroes, this Sunday at 5.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

My Way is back better than ever this season, showcasing the extraordinary stories and achievements of everyday Queenslanders. Episode one focuses on a range of special people who are living out their dreams on the Fraser Coast.

If there’s one place on the Fraser Coast known for its breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes it’s K’gari island. That’s what drew Peter Meyer to the island long ago, and when he jumped at the chance to be a tour guide for the Kingfisher Bay Resort he realised he’d be there for the long haul. He takes viewers on a journey to explore the scenic beauty of K’gari through the lens of a local legend who knows the lay of the land more intimately than anyone.

Back on the mainland in Maryborough, we meet Greig Bolderrow, whose love for his community led to the creation of the Gallipoli to Armistice Memorial, which honours the 100th anniversary of ANZAC.

It acknowledges the sacrifices of heroes never to be forgotten, including Maryborough’s Duncan Chapman, the first soldier to go ashore at Gallipoli, and the other Diggers who were with him.

Greig championed the fundraising drive for the memorial and cares for it with a passion on display for visitors who take a guided tour of this precious part of history in this proud coastal town.

Returning to K’gari, we jump into a once in a lifetime experience with Tasman Venture. As one of the only permit holders who can take tourists to the remote western side of the island, Lloyd Burgess promises a wild ride full of unforgettable sights. With salty waters and sandy beaches aplenty, Tasman Venture provides snorkelling, bushwalking, fishing, kayaking, swimming, and the ultimate showstopper: watching and swimming with whales.

When you’ve had your fill of adventure, the Poona Palms caravan park hidden away on the mainland opposite K’gari is a perfect place to relax and unwind in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. After running it for 18 years, Don Wallace is well and truly locked on “Poona Time”. He’s as relaxed as they come, and it’s no wonder – folks here get right away from the stress of daily life and have the breathtaking views of K’gari to lift their spirits even higher.

This fully loaded episode of My Way introduces the Australians behind some of Queensland’s most scenic, action packed and inspiring experiences, making this a must watch episode to help plan your Fraser Coast getaway.

My Way on Channel 9 – Sunday 17 September, 2023 at 5:30pm on Channel 9 Brisbane and nationally on 9Now

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My Way on Channel 9
My Way on Channel 9

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