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Larapinta - Talia Liddle (image - Mitchell Stanley)

Larapinta on NITV is a new environmental documentary

Larapinta on NITV – A compelling, six-part documentary series, Larapinta, explores the stories and people that surround one of the oldest rivers in the world, premiering on National Indigenous Television (NITV) and SBS On Demand on Saturday, 19 August at 8.30pm.

Told through the eyes of proud young Arrernte and Luritja woman, Talia Liddle, Larapinta takes viewers on an intimate and engaging journey, meeting with people who call the river home, as well as scientists, rangers, Traditional Owners, historians, archaeologists and more – all who share unique insights and stories about the once mighty river.

Talia Liddle said:

“My experience on Larapinta was life changing. Spending time with Elders and different communities along the river was an honour – listening and learning from voices that aren’t normally amplified.

“I was faced with the harsh realities of climate and human destruction to a place I call home, but being back on Country with people who hold deep knowledge continues to strengthen my belief that if we hold our knowledge strong and learn from our old people, we will make our home a better place for future generations.”

Also known as the Finke River, Larapinta stretches over 750 kilometres, running through the heart of Central Australia.

From the megafauna of millions of years ago to the present day, the story of Larapinta is not only about the river – it is the story of Central Australia and the First Nations peoples who have relied on the river for food, water, comfort and travel for generations.

Larapinta’s past, present and future is a story about culture, environment, art, climate change, totems, songlines and, of course, history.

The series explores climate change and the impacts of colonisation, including the introduction of foreign agriculture and species, affects the river, which is home to some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world.

Marissa McDowell, Head of Commissions, NITV, said:

“First Nations peoples’ knowledge and connection to Larapinta is vital, so we’re thrilled to showcase this documentary series to all Australians, highlighting Larapinta’s cultural and environmental significance.

“It is a joy to see Talia share her ancestral connections to Larapinta and surrounding Country, outlining the role we all need to play to revitalise Culture and Country. We hope this important documentary series, which includes languages spoken in English, Pertame and Arrernte, resonates with our audiences.”

Larapinta producers, Mitchell Stanley of No Coincidence Media (We are Still Here, The Moogai) and Michaela Perske of Pursekey Productions (Girls Can’t Surf, After the Apology), said: “This series showcases Larapinta in the same way the Traditional Owners see it – as something that is alive and needs to be nourished and cared for.”

Screen Australia’s Head of First Nations, Angela Bates, said:

“We are proud to support Larapinta, a compelling natural history series that takes a look at one of the oldest rivers in the world through a scientific, environmental and cultural lens and its significance, especially how it’s evolved over time from the Megafauna to the present day.

The show’s presenter Talia Liddle has personal connection to this country through her blood lines and offers an intimate and powerful perspective on this fascinating series, which amplifies the voices of the Traditional Owners, highlighting the urgent need to protect and preserve country for generations to come.”

Throughout Larapinta, host Talia discovers how the river continues to survive, and how those who know its secrets fight to keep the river and all it supports healthy and able to provide for generations to come.

Larapinta is a No Coincidence Media Pty Ltd and Pursekey Productions Pty Ltd production for NITV. Principal production investment from Screen Australia’s First Nations Department and NITV. Financed with support from Ramu Productions. Post-production completed in Western Australia with support from Screenwest and the Western Australian Screen Fund PDV Rebate. Developed with the assistance of Screen NSW. 

Watch Larapinta weekly from Saturday 19 August at 8.30pm on NITV. Larapinta will be available to stream for free on SBS On Demand, with captions available in English and subtitles available in Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean, and will air on SBS Viceland with weekly double episodes from 19 September.

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Larapinta on NITV

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