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Did COVID Leak from a Lab? on iwonder – New to iWonder from Tuesday June 27th, ‘Did COVID Leak from a Lab? delves into the theory gaining more traction and support as the world moves beyond the pandemic that COVID-19 wasn’t created by nature – it was man-made.

The prevailing narrative from the outset of COVID-19 outbreak was that it all started from an animal-to-human infection at a wet market in Wuhan, China. But could it really be a coincidence that the epicentre of the outbreak just happened to be the location of a virology lab that had been researching coronaviruses?

Successive attempts to trace what many believe are the true origins of the virus have been stifled, not just by the Chinese authorities, but also by the international scientific community and the world’s leading science journals.

However, there are now growing revelations that suggest the conspiracy theorists might not be wrong; a notion supported by a leaked, classified US intelligence report published by the Wall Street Journal in February 2023 that placed the blame with the Chinese lab.

‘Did COVID Leak from a Lab?’ follows the story of how the pandemic’s origin could have been manipulated, uncovering alleged lies and deceptions perpetrated by the Chinese government, an international network of scientists, and major organisations.

Adrian Chia, Head of Content at iWonder, says:

“The line of inquiry that COVID could have come from a Chinese lab is becoming less and less taboo, as more credible voices are added to those who have long maintained that the Wuhan wet market narrative is a cover-up.

“No matter what you believe, ‘Did COVID Leak from a Lab?’ makes a persuasive case for an alternate truth, that if proven, could fundamentally change how history looks back on the pandemic.”

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Did COVID leak from a lab? – Tuesday 27 June, 2023 on iwonder

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