Colin Fassnidge

Colin Fassnidge

Colin Fassnidge joins me for a 20 minute One on One podcast at TV Central to chat about Kitchen Nightmares Australia.

He is outspoken and has no issues saying how it is with some of Australia’s most fledgling restaraumts In just five days, Colin uses his culinary expertise to discover the inherent problems and offers solutions to put them back on their feet.

In this One on One podcast, Colin chats about:

  • The pressure of presenting a show based on a world wide format, made popular by Gordon Ramsay
  • Dealing with sometimes delusional inexperienced thinking of some restaurant owners
  • Mumma Jo’s Diner (episode 1)
  • Guru Life (episode 2)
  • The future of the six restaurants including one surprise detail
  • The Castlereagh (in Sydney CBD) and Porktoberfest
  • Banksia Bistro (Princess Hwy, Banksia)
  • Irish food (it’s not all stews and potatoes)
  • Australian food (is there such a thing?)
  • What can we learn from Kitchen Nightmares
  • Does pineapple really belong on a pizza?
  • Gordon’s Ramsay’s self cancellation of the US version of Kitchen Nightmares
  • What is coming up next

Special thank you to: Jonathan Lister (Publicity) and Kate Amphlett (Head of Publicity) for organising this interview.

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