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August on Hayu

August on Hayu – Hayu highlights for the month of August include a brand new season of the hit series, Botched.

World-renowned Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are back in the O.R. for season eight of hit series Botched, available to stream on Hayu from August 4.

The ultimate doctor duo returns to take on some of the most complex cases to date, all while keeping the laughs rolling with their beloved bromance and banter.

In a fresh new office, the doctors consult with a series of hopeful patients as they unveil catastrophic trauma due to past surgeries gone wrong, birth defects and horrific accidents.

Some of the patients this season include:

● A woman loses weight and goes under the knife for a routine tummy tuck after losing her husband in a freak work accident. She experiences a disastrous infection that nearly kills her and leaves her stomach deformed.

● A patient with a rare condition that left her intestines on the outside of her body had five different surgeries as an infant. Though her original doctors saved her life, she was left with a stomach full of lumps and scars.

● A patient who stepped on a nail as a child experienced a painful skin graft procedure, leaving a growth on her foot that she calls a “little bum.”

● A woman with an aggressive form of skin cancer went through a 10-hour procedure that left a substantial hole in her face. As a result, she has been forced to wear a prosthetic and struggles to look in the mirror.

● A dog bite victim who lost the entire tip of her nose became depressed after enduring 20 separate unsuccessful surgeries to correct her face.

Botched is produced by Evolution Media, an MGM Company, with Alex Baskin, Matt Westmore, Joe Kingsley, Jen McClure Metz, Sarah Kane and Ben DeNoble serving as executive producers, along with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

Botched – will have everyone in stitches as the show returns for season eight, streaming on Hayu from August 4.

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