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Alice and Jack on BBC First – Alice and Jack will premiere on the home of premium British drama BBC First, on Friday, April 19.

The six-part romantic drama from the makers of I Am stars Academy Award nominee Andrea Riseborough (To Leslie, Oblivion) and Golden Globe nominated actor Domhnall Gleeson (About Time, The Revenant). Described as a ‘love story for the ages’, Alice & Jack is a portrayal of the all encompassing love of two soulmates.It will be available to stream through Binge and On Demand.

When Alice (Andrea) and Jack (Domhnall) first meet, they are bound by a connection so powerful it seems nothing can break it. But a deep trauma from Alice’s past causes her to reject Jack, leading them to part ways.

Over the years that follow, their lives continue to intersect. Each time, the raw love between them is broken by circumstance, the past, or their own imperfections.

Then, just when it seems that their love will finally become tangible, they receive terrible news that will irrevocably change both of their futures. In the end, Alice and Jack may even wonder if it’s possible that love can last beyond life itself. Honest, intimate, and surprisingly funny, the series shows love in all its unexpected, technicolour, kaleidoscopic beauty.

“Alice & Jack is a very personal story that I’ve been working on for as long as I’ve been a professional writer. It was inspired by the following questions: ‘Does love conquer all? Does love conquer some? Does love conquer occasionally? What does love conquer? What conquers love?’. I don’t have the answers, but I’m drawn to the hope that the things that bond us together are stronger than the ones that would tear us apart,”

Victor Levin (Creator, Writer and Executive Producer).

Further cast include BAFTA winner Aimee Lou Wood (Sex Education, Living), BAFTA winner Aisling Bea (This Way Up, The Fall), Ella Bruccoleri (Call the Midwife, Polite Society), Sunil Patel (Documentary Now, The Witchfinder), Thalissa Teixeira (Trigonometry, Ragdoll),and Rachel Adedeji (Dreaming Whilst Black, Champion).

Alice and Jack on BBC First – premieres on Fridays at 7.30pm from April 19 and will be available to stream through Binge and On Demand. All our channel content is available through Foxtel and Fetch.

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Alice and Jack on BBC First

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Alice and Jack on BBC First

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