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This is Going to Hurt on ABC – Adam’s mental health is increasingly poor, with the stress of Erika’s complaint and the guilt of his mistake weighing on him.

When he arrives at work, Lockhart informs him that he is withdrawing his offer to lie in patient notes about what happened with Erika. Given Adam has already submitted his paperwork for the complaint, Adam is now in big trouble. His only solution is to try to get the complaint dropped. He decides to try to emotionally blackmail Erika into dropping it.

No-nonsense consultant Miss Houghton is in charge today and takes an immediate disliking to Adam.

She sends him down to A&E to do the dirty work, and gives Shruti the opportunity to perform a C-section on triplets. Shruti is absolutely delighted and plucks up the courage to ask Miss Houghton for professional advice. Miss Houghton seems understanding of Shruti’s struggles at work, but her advice is not at all what Shruti was hoping for. She feels more lost than ever.

Erika’s furious sister Paula finds Adam in A&E and confronts him about his appalling behaviour, but just as she lays into him, a patient collapses in A&E and Adam runs over to help. As Adam tries to save the day, his heroics are not missed by Paula, who starts to have second thoughts. Adam leaves work to join Harry on a night out, and though Adam doesn’t fit in with Harry’s younger friends, things are finally looking up for them.

Production Credit: Sister Pictures

This is Going to Hurt on ABC and ABC iview – Wednesday 28 February, 2024 at 9.00pm.

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This is Going to Hurt on ABC

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