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Grand Designs Revisits on ABC – In 2015 young couple Vicky and Ed broke free from the shackles of their hectic London lives to try and build a new life in the Somerset countryside.

With a budget of just over two hundred thousand pounds they set out to transform an old derelict cowshed into a 21st century, off grid smallholding.

With no building experience or project manager they took on this dramatic transformation themselves, learning building techniques from the internet.

After a year, their cowshed, complete with strawbale walls, was liveable, but they were a long way from achieving their true goal of a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Now Kevin returns to see if this wildly ambitious project has ultimately changed their lives. Have they managed to make the land provide for them, how many new buildings has Ed created, is their catering and entertaining business working, and has family life changed their priorities?

Production credit: FremantleMedia Ltd t/a Naked West. Exec Producers: John Lonsdale and John Comerford.

Grand Design Revisits – Sunday 25 June, 2023 at 7.30pm on ABC and ABC iview

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Grand Designs Revisits on ABC

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