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A Life in Ten Pictures on ABC – The series examining the lives of extraordinary people through ten unique photographs returns for it second series.

In each episode of this six-part series, the life of an extraordinary person is told and re-evaluated in ten iconic pictures.

The subjects are a diverse range of celebrated people from recent history, including movie stars, politicians and cultural figures.

The pictures are the backbone and driving force of each story, shining a light on the subjects’ life and times – with the secrets behind each snap revealed through interviews with people who knew them best.

Each image acts as a window on to a definitive milestone in the person’s journey, and also highlights broader themes of our time such as identity, race, gender, politics, sexuality and mental health.

Alexander McQueen’s image is famous around the world. But just a handful of iconic photographs and snapshots reveal a new story: it’s an extraordinary life, seen through a unique lens.

A Life in Ten Pictures – Thursday 20 July, 2023 at 8.00pm on ABC TV and ABC iview

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A Life in Ten Pictures on ABC

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