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Four Corners on ABC investigates a major conspiracy defrauding Australians

Four Corners on ABC – This week Four Corners takes you inside the vast conspiracy to defraud more than $100 million from Australian taxpayers.

The Plutus Payroll scheme is the biggest tax fraud in this country’s history.

Plutus processed payroll for contractors at corporate and government clients.

In fact, the masterminds behind the scam were skimming tax dollars instead of sending them to the ATO.

Reporter Paul Farrell and the team have scoured thousands of pages of documents and more than 70 hours of intercepted phone, video and audio material that was pivotal to the case against the key conspirators – to piece together how the scheme was set up and ultimately, how it was brought down.

It’s the first time the phone taps have been heard outside the courtrooms where the fraudsters were found guilty.

The program offers an exclusive insight into the brazen scheme and the people who created it.

Dirty Deeds reported by Paul Farrell goes to air on ABC TV on Monday 26th of June at 8.30pm on ABC TV and and ABC iview.

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