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60 Minutes on Channel 9 – with reports from Tara Brown and Adam Hegarty will air Sunday 14 April at 8.40pm on 9 and 9Now.


It’s not a proud boast, but this Sunday 60 MINUTES will broadcast what is without doubt some of the cruellest, most horrific vision ever seen on Australian television. It’s part of a major investigation by Tara Brown focusing on shocking accusations that disability support workers were mistreating a vulnerable person they were employed to look after.

However, instead of caring for the woman, their attitude and actions screamed that they couldn’t care less. As Brown reveals, the workers smugly assumed that because the victim was unable to speak, their abuse would go undetected.

But they were proved wrong when, in an extraordinary act of love, the woman’s elderly parents took the law into their own hands and used a hidden camera to expose the terrible truth.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producers: Serge Negus, Anthony Dowsley


If you were to imagine the perfect tropical paradise – sunny skies, sparkling warm water and pristine beaches – Tuvalu is as close to it as anywhere on Earth.

The country is a narrow strip of tiny islands halfway between Australia and Hawaii that’s made all the more special by its isolation. Yet for all its wonder, the people of Tuvalu are facing a devastating threat. Rising sea levels mean their home is disappearing. And what’s really frightening is how quickly it’s happening.

But as Adam Hegarty reports, all is not lost yet. On 60 MINUTES, he travels to Tuvalu to meet the ingenious Australians who are working to raise the height of the island in an extraordinary engineering feat that also has significant political implications.

Reporter: Adam Hegarty

Producer: Natalie Clancy

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60 Minutes on Channel 9

60 Minutes on Channel 9

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