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Investigating if Biden is up for the job

60 Minutes on Channel 9 – with reports from Tara Brown, Amelia Adams and Dimity Clancey will air Sunday 7 July at 8.05pm on 9 and 9Now.


It’s an awful part of the job, but as South Australia’s Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens is expert at delivering bad news to families who suffer terrible tragedies. Last November though, he was the one to get the call no one wants to receive.

His youngest child Charlie, 18, had become the victim of a hit-and-run driver, and died in hospital 24 hours later.

This week on 60 MINUTES, Grant and his wife Emma talk from the heart in an emotional interview with Tara Brown.

Their story is incredibly sad, but their memories of Charlie are at times also very funny. However, what makes this couple truly extraordinary is their compassion, especially for the young driver who killed their son.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Lisa Brown


Is President Joe Biden up to the job or not? Does he have the mental capacity to lead the free world for another four years? White House insiders report his family is in no doubt, with son Hunter leading the charge, rallying his 81-year-old father to keep going to defeat Donald Trump.

But should the president be taking advice from someone whose life for the past decade is best described as a train wreck? Hunter Biden is a former crack cocaine addict, currently facing the possibility of prison over tax charges and a firearm conviction.

Less well-known, though equally a mark of the man, is that Hunter is also the father of a five-year-old girl from Arkansas named Navy Joan, a fact that until recently he fought very hard to deny.

Speaking to Amelia Adams, Navy’s mother, Lunden Roberts, reveals the difficulties she has encountered dealing with Hunter Biden, as well as her hope her bubbly daughter might one day be welcomed into the wider Biden clan.

Reporter: Amelia Adams

Producers: Natalie Clancy, Sheree Gibson


Two weeks ago, 60 MINUTES reported on the emerging threat of nitazenes, highly potent synthetic opioids which can be up to a thousand times stronger than morphine. The day after Dimity Clancey’s story was broadcast, her warning about these illicit drugs, many of which are manufactured in Chinese labs, was validated in the worst possible way.

Four people inside a home in Melbourne, including a 17-year-old boy, died after taking cocaine, not knowing it was laced with nitazenes.

It’s a tragic and senseless waste of life, but as Clancey reports, the Australian Federal Police, as well as other law enforcement agencies, are now determined to stop the influx of nitazenes into the country.

Reporter: Dimity Clancey

Producer: Serge Negus

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